Santa Maria Bay:

Luxury villas for sale and rent on the Black Sea coast.
The exclusive community you will want to call “home”.

The Villas at Santa Maria Bay are a true passion project of their creators. When developing this estate, they stayed faithful to the Mediterranean style by developing Italian-style villas, complete with finishing that enhance the elegance of the traditional Sicilian style. It was also taken into account the local culture by naming the streets between the villas with Romanian artists names such as “Strada Jean Constantin”.

When walking down the streets between the villas, you will feel like you are a part of a warm, welcoming community where everyone looks out and cares for one another— something that is missing from so many generic resort towns.

Typology of villas

Discover the luxury villa type A
Lots between 420sqm – 800sqm

Price from € 1975 / sqm + VAT

Discover the luxury villa type B
Lots between 430sqm – 670sqm

Price from € 1850 / sqm + VAT

Discover the luxury villa type C
Lots between 330sqm – 530sqm

Price from € 1575 / sqm + VAT

Santa Maria Bay residential area

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